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Design Study:

November 14, 2011

One of my favorite web designs is Here’s their header:   The lightweight simplicity of the logo, menu, and white space is very appealing to me. Nothing looks too crowded or overwhelming. But also, there is quite a bit of care and detail given the simplicity. The logo has a leaf with a dollar […]

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Reduce stress with 3 operational modes

November 11, 2011

A large part of stress is thinking about something that worries you for too long or in a repeated cyclic fashion. It can happen very naturally, as our minds can be free to wander at any given time in the day. Sometimes we let problems cycle in our minds uncontrollably. This starts the process of […]

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Startup fallacy: Low Reward != Low Risk

November 10, 2011

You’ve heard it before. Things that tend to have higher risk exhibit higher reward, and lower risk exhibit lower reward. You’ve seen it in Las Vegas casinos. You’ve seen it in your 401k choices. You’ve seen it in adventures. And you’ve probably seen it in business. But there’s logical trap that snags a lot of […]

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Starting a Cult

November 3, 2011

When marketing a product, your goal is to have customers love what you are selling so that they buy it. Sounds pretty obvious, right? The thing is, “love” isn’t a very concrete term. What makes someone become a fan of your product? The reality is that as emotionally wired human beings we don’t necessarily buy […]

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Filling in the gaps

November 1, 2011

When starting a business, the founder will usually wear multiple hats. They may write the code, promote the product, deal with accounting and finance, and act as support and sales. There are few who are skilled at all of these things, and even fewer who have the time to deal with everything. But it is […]

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Wrong Examples

November 1, 2011

We often look for success by learning from those who have most of it. But the problem with this style of learning, is that you can too easily miss the elements that were actually a valid part of the success and focus on parts that were not. Many people use Steve Jobs as an example […]

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